Some Fun Games to Play on a Bouncing Castle

Any kid who sees a bouncing castle is undoubtedly inclined to jump into it. Adults too love playing on bouncing castles. However, these games are mostly associated with young ones. The fun offered by these games often depends on the type of bouncing castle and games played. As such, by adding some exciting games to the mix is key to taking the fun to another level.

If you are thinking of renting a bouncing castle from Edmonton party rentals, here are some exciting games that you can add to the mix.

Obstacle Course

To play this game, all you need is a bouncing castle that has some pillars. You also need to add some elements into the entire assembly that will serve as obstacles. Obstacle games are fun for kids. Adults too love seeing their kids finding their way past different obstacles. In some cases, you might have adults playing to make the game organized.

Stop Bounce

The stop bounce is also an exciting game to play on a bouncing castle. Ideally, this game is all about having the kids jump as high as possible while music playing in the background. However, they are also expected to stop or steady themselves immediately the music stops. These stops are random, and those that are not able to remain stable when the music stops are eliminated from the game. If you do not have music, you can always work with start and stop signals.

Sumo Wrestling

Sumo wrestling is all about holding your ground when an opponent tries to take you down. As much as it might not sound like the best game for kids, it is an excellent game to play on a bouncing castle. The fact that your feet are wobbling makes it tough for anyone, considering that players are expected to shove their enemies when they are also not able to balance.


Another exciting play on a bouncing castle is dodgeball. If by any chance you have played regular dodgeball, you have a clear picture of why most people love it. Dodgeball is a team sport that requires players to avoid being hit by a ball from an opponent. Taking the game to a bouncing castle makes things even better considering that you are allowed to jump more, and land on an unstable surface.