Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is mostly used as an ingredient in the kitchen, in many places, it is also well valued for the health benefits it has in our lives. It contains high sulphur which has antibiotic properties. It aids in digestion by removing toxins. Garlic has a lot of use in our bodies even we might not of all these health benefits. That’s why we have listed below some of the health benefits that garlic has in our bodies.

Prevents Heart Disease

cooking with garlic as ingredientWhen you eat garlic every day while it’s raw or in food, it aids in lowering the levels of cholesterol due to its antioxidant properties. It’s also essential in regulating your blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Sulphur that contains allicin might lose medicinal use if the garlic gets cooked thoroughly. It’s crucial to eat raw garlic or even half prepared to gain the benefits.

Cold and Flu

Garlic can help to relieve you from your flu or cold. By consuming three cloves of cooked or raw garlic in a day or even drinking garlic tea that has garlic and honey to add some taste will heal that cold. Also, it will relieve you’re from the stuffed nose and even improve the immunity.

For Skin and Hair

Garlic protects your skin from being affected by free radicals and also slows down collagen depletion those results to elasticity loss in aging skin. When well used, garlic works very well on your skin that has a fungal infection and also protects the skin from other ailments. It also cures ringworms and foot athletes. Applying garlic extract on the scalp helps to prevent loss of hair.

Anti-parasitic and Anti-bacterial

types of garlicGarlic has been among the best medicine used by many people. It’s used to cure bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections for many years. The diluted extract of garlic, assists children suffering from tapeworm infections. Small amounts of garlic extracts can also get rid of bacteria causing cavities.

Blood Purifier

Are you fed up with hiding that acne with makeups every day? Then it’s a great moment for you to make use of garlic. You can cure acne by cleaning your blood from within so that you can have healthy skin. Drink three cloves of garlic and warm water each day in the morning and drink more water during the day. Also, if you want to lose some weight, take a glass of lemon juice with warm water then add few cloves of garlic after waking up in the morning. It removes toxins and cleanses your system.…