Watch Out For Deadpool 2 Movie

Dead pool 2 Movie is a sequel of the original Deadpool movie based on an action hero from Marvel Comics. Deadpool was released in February 2016, and Deadpool 2 movie is slated to be released in 2017. It will be the ninth unique release in the X-Men film series. Tim Miller, the director of the initial Deadpool movie, will still be directing the sequel, along with his entire creative team. During an interview with Miller recently, he says that he wants the villain’s motive to be more clearly defined. This is clearly a radical departure from the character Ajax in the original Ajax movie who was just a bad guy without any cause.

What To Expecttv

Deadpool fans are wondering who Miller will cast as the character Cable in Dead Pool 2 movie though the director says he will tackle the casting issue after the script “gels” together, so to speak. Ideally, Miller points out that he will not know what kind of character the new Cable will be because the scripts serves to molds the character.

This directly affects the casting for the movie, and this explains why Miller will begin considering casting actors for the Deadpool sequel after he is through with the script for the film. According to Miller, in the comics, there have been markedly different radical approaches to the character, and thus, he will not make a tentative decision to proceed until he hits the proverbial nail on the head and knows which character they are adapting.

Millers opinion

As for Miller’s opinion on the rating of the movie, he would have preferred if the film was rated R. It will be accorded an average score of PG-13, primarily due to market dynamics and forces. He perfectly comprehends the economics and realities of commerce that makes most superhero movies to be rated PG-13 instead of R.

pop cornIncidentally the original Deadpool movie was the highest grossing R-rated action-hero movie of all time. It was the third-best grossing film of the year 2016 and is the highest grossing X-Men film so far unless its sequel proves otherwise.

Miller says that if he were to make an X-Force movie, Deadpool would pale in comparison, especially with a character like Cable. The essence of Deadpool would be diluted because of servicing the characters and dealing with a larger cast of actors. In his closing remarks, the Deadpool director says that there is a certain charm to the Deadpool universe, which may be difficult to replicate in an X-men universe. If the first release is anything to go by, then the Dead Pool 2 movie is worth the wait.…