Guidelines for a Safe Shooting Range

Always feel the thirst as if you have the gun for the first time in your hand – this is the uniqueness of this sport, but the most important things of all is the safety. No matter which hobby you are playing; whether it’s a cricket ball, a football, or a Gun Range.

Speaking of safety, the first and foremost thing that should come to mind is the gun and handling. But as a sportsman’s point of view, we almost forget to think about the area into which the hobby is being practiced, which is the Shooting Range.

Choosing a Safe Shooting Range

people training As a new hobby sportsman, you must first start choosing the safe gun shooting range; this is done by enquiring for the shooting range owners. You must make sure that the range owner has one or more range officers who are responsible for almost all the activities concerning the safety of range. It is the responsibility of the owner to select the best, qualified, and trained range officer. After all, it is for the sake of safety of many human lives in a shooting range.

Range officer’s duties

The work of the range officer is to look after all the shooters who are present at the shooting range; so it is to make sure that the chances of any mishap are reduced to the lowest extent. It is included in the authority of the office that he can kick out any shooter from whom he smells any danger and unethical behavior. It is equally important in any outdoor range to not only look after the shooters but their arms too. One of the most necessary things is to make sure that every gun which is not being used is unloaded and locked so that the chances of accidental shots are reduced to none.

Safe environment

When shooting at an outdoor range, making it safe requires more mental work for the office because unlike indoor range, outdoor ranges are to ensure that any rock or any hard metal piece is not lying behind the target. The target should not be made of rock so that the bullet must ricochet which could end in nothing but unfortunate situation.

Ear protection

shooting rangeThe other thing which is quite necessary for choosing a safe shooting range is the protection of the ears. It is quite obvious that when a bullet is shot, you hear a loud noise which can easily harm or sometimes damage your ears if consistently heard.

It is dangerous like anything to shoot on a range where there is no supervisor or range office, and that is the most necessary thing – to abide by the rules of the range to make the sport interesting and safe for all the fellow shooters.…