Benefits of Hiring Event Rentals Services

Making an event be it a wedding, a graduation ceremony, a birthday party, or any other successful calls for many resources. Of course, there are tents or shelter for the guests and the hosts, chairs and tables, items for cooking and serving foods, the entertainment system, and many others.

Besides, there is a need for transport for various things and people. It can be a tall order to hire different service providers to provide all these. The easiest thing would be to work with a reliable company like event rentals in Edmonton that offer all these services as a package.The following are some advantages of hiring an event rentals company for your function:

Assured Uniformity

uniform chairsVarious companies have different kinds of equipment, which are also of varying qualities. Assume you have an event, say a wedding, and have a specified theme which you communicate to the service providers. You can rarely have uniformity if you work with several companies or buy the items yourself.

However, if you have engaged one company, you can rest assured that the party tents, chairs, tables, and the décor linens will be uniform. Your event will undoubtedly have an excellent uniform appearance.

Easy Time Sourcing the Supplier

Can you imagine having to look for different providers for different services such as the tents, seats, entertainment, catering, and decorations and so on, it would be hectic, right? You have to sample their equipment or services, negotiate and sign contracts with each of them. You may even need to pay some deposit or commitment fees to each of the providers. However, if you work with a single company, the work is far less. You also have an easier time coordinating with the supplier.

Renting saves money

money savingsYou may decide to buy your equipment and have casual employees to offer the various services you need for your event. While you have control over all the services and gadgets or items, it can cost you so much.

You will also have to grapple with the issue of where to store the equipment, which would be an added cost. Renting is cheaper by far than buying your own or employing people yourself to work under your supervision to render the services.



good drinks servingCompanies for renting events equipment and offering services have vast experience since they have been in the field for long. They also hire well-trained and qualified persons who deliver top-notch services. They can even compensate you for poor services or any damage.

With the above benefits and many others, you now know why working with an event rentals service provider is a wise decision. You only need to state what you want, be ready to pay, and you will have a well-executed and excellent function.…

Choosing vendors for a wedding photo booth rental

Photo booths are available in the local shopping malls for long, but more couples are today opting to have photo booth rentals for wedding receptions. With this gained popularity, more vendors for photo booth rentals have sprung up. There are things that you need to address with the vendor you choose so that you get the best fit to photo booth rental. The following things should be considered when choosing a photo booth vendor for your wedding.

Template design

You should know if it is possible to personalize the look of the template used for the photo booth pictures. Mosttemplates vendors have in-house graphics designer who works to design templates the way you like it to suit the couple’s personalities. You can ask them to make it as creative as possible or coordinate the color scheme with the wedding invitations color. Some photo booth companies may lack graphics specialist hence you may need to choose between some basic templates for your photo booth rental. Look at photo booth rentals they have done before then see how the templates have looked like in the past.

Idle time charges

These can help you save money or end up adding some money to the final bill. If you want, you can split the photo booth into different time slots. If for example you had a four-hour wedding photo booth, but you want it to run from 6-8pm then resume after dinner till midnight, some vendors will allow you do this while paying for the ideal time that is normally at discounted rates. Other vendors may not give you such an option but instead, ask you to pay the full hourly rate. Ask your vendor if you can request specially for them to set up the wedding photo booth before the agreed time. If you needed a photo booth set up some hours before the arrival of guests, some vendors might charge for the time between setting up the photo booth and the stat of the rental.

Guaranteed uptime

Regardless of how thorough the photo booth company is, electronics can sometimes get fussy and stop working for no apparent reason. Most photo booth companies have backup equipment in case anything happens. They may also guarantee uptime policy that guarantees a given percentage of time the photo booth will be working properly. If there is a problem the photo booth should not work for a long time, they can refund a given amount of the package price.

Extra digital copies

onlineIt is useful that you ask if you need a copy of the pictures taken during your photo booth rental. Most photo booth rentals will upload the night’s pictures into an online gallery. If you and the guests download the photo, then post it in other online sites.

These are some of the factors you to consider when selecting a photo booth rental for you to have a great photo booth for your wedding.…