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filmTop Successful Film Franchises

Every summer, Hollywood industry banks on big film-goers beating enormous heat by seeking the air-conditioned cinema theatres for a few high-budgeted, low-brow entertainment films. And each summer, movie audiences are blessed immensely with a minimum of one big blockbuster that mainly relies on the franchise’s success that hype ticket sales. A year alone, “Toy Story 3″,”Twilight: Eclipse” and “Shrek Forever After” are among this category, though just only one of these films belongs in an elite top ten highest-income generating film franchises in film history. Find out specifically which one films in the top movie franchises as listed below;

Harry Potter 

The series has generated $5,422,966,528 worldwide and that is before the upcoming late release of the main seventh installment of this franchise. What exactly is it what makes Harry Potter series very successful? Question is? Is it that this movies transport several audiences both young and old, far and away in the lands full of mystery and magic? Or is that its producers of the film cash in any of their obsessively and loyal following the releasing of what can be one of the film as two?

Catch the initial first half of the “Harry Potter plus the Deathly Hallows” this November. Also return to box office one extra time this year from this moment to find out what exactly happens in the very end.

James Bond

Agent 007’s success can come down to the simple strength in numbers. This series includes an amazing 23 films, grossing a close total of almost $5,074,402,453 since its release of its first films, “Dr. No”, in the year1962. And the movies have only gotten even bigger over the numerous years.

“Casino Royale”, released early 2006, grossed $599,200,000 worldwide tally. “Quantum of Solace”, was released in 2008, got the highest budget review of all films standing at $230,000,000. its price tag can be as a result of the movie being shot in the big six countries with luxury Aston Martin sports car destroyed for each of those countries in the early stages of making action sequences and series. (Success in Hollywood industry is not just measured by high ticket sales development total costs play the large part, too. Make sure to Check out the Movie Genres That Generate The Most Money.)

Star Warsfilm2

If Star Wars was for geeks, then surely there sure are some of them on this Earth (as is opposed to the believe we have in another galaxy far or very far away). Grossing about $4,411,410,761 internationally since the year 1977, George Lucas’s own baby found enough longevity in the trilogy of several movies, released between in the years 1999 and 2005, that visit the Darth Vader’s origins from the prequel to original movies. It would be very impossible to well measure the exact impact of the Star Wars on our pop culture – it is that vast. Remember the Mel Brooks’ “Space balls”?

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