Five Tips To Help Keep Your Kids Entertained

Five Tips To Help Keep Your Kids Entertained

After school and maybe an afternoon nap, you might wonder what you can do to keep your kids entertained. Edmonton Bounce house rentals are an excellent idea if you have not considered it before. However, there are many ways to keep children amused. Since kids are always out for fun so here are five tips to keep them entertained around the house. They are ideal for fun and are also great bonding opportunities for you and your kids.

DIY Board Games

Board games are interactive activities that can be perfect for you and your kids. Give the kids a poster board, some construction paper, and some markers. You can ask them to design their own board game, which the entire family can play later in the day. For some inspiration, you can give them a theme to follow.

DIY board games come in handy since it also helps the kids have a learning experience where they have to think critically for a cohesive game. This keeps your kids fully engaged during the evening.

Cardboard City Planning

If you have been getting deliveries, you have lots of cardboard available in your house. They can come in handy to keep your kids entertained. All you have to do is follow the proper sanitization protocols before handing them to your kids. Stack up all boxes and ask your kids to design their city. Using cardboard, markers, scissors, and other art and craft supplies they can come up with a booming metropolis.

Cookout Plans

Kids loving playing and running around, especially in the kitchen. As long as you are around to keep them away from hurting themselves, the kitchen is a sure way to keep them entertained. First, you can get the little cute aprons and toques. You can then have them involved with cooking like measuring ingredients and mixing them up. Baking and cooking together will keep your kids entertained and also fed!

Science Experiments

Besides being educative, science projects can also keep your kids entertained. Depending on their ages there are many science experiments you can choose from. For instance, you can give them different food coloring and water, then let them have fun mixing it all up. If they are up for it, you can go big and help them make a volcano.

Kids always love some sort of adventure and mystery. With a fort, you can give them this without even leaving the house. Have them help you build a fort then watch them marvel pretending it is their secret playing spot.


Sometimes, kids can be quite the handful, especially when they are bored. Fortunately, they are straightforward ways to keep them hooked and entertained. You can play board games with them, do fun science experiments, and even get down to cooking and baking together.

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