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Organizing a memorable hen party requires a lot of effort put into managing guests, paying attention to various details, choosing games and staying on top of things. It is definitely not an easy and straightforward task since every party should be unique and special. However, a hen party can be turned into a very successful event by following a few basic rules.

Talk to the bride

Before you start organizing a hen party, make sure to speak to the bride, so as to gather her thoughts regarding the party. For starters, discuss its length. Will it last a night, an entire day or a whole weekend? Next, discuss the budget. The bride should be best informed when it comes to determining the reasonable budget and accounting for every single party guest. Also, make sure to talk about the guests. Is it going to be a strictly family event or will the party include friends and acquaintances as well? Do not forget to ask the bride for a definitive guest list, along with contact details for each guest.

Do some research

check lists A good way to start your research is to start thinking about the games and the theme ideas, such as an outdoor theme or a pampering theme. Opting for an appropriate theme will greatly help you narrow down the options in regards to the hen party activities. Once you have done that, consider the activity to build the party around. Fortunately, there are a plethora of hen party suppliers you can find and choose from. After completing your activity research, proceed by researching into the other aspects of the hen party, which should include a restaurant for the dinner, a nightclub for an evening entertainment, an activity venue, catering options and accommodation.

Plan the date

For this matter, make sure to discuss with the bride. Her availability and attendance are of critical importance. Try to plan the date well in advance, so as to give notice and plenty of time for the guests to organize and prepare. If you plan on hosting a party that will last for an entire weekend, make sure to ask the guests to save a particular date at least six months in advance. Also, do not forget to take into account the date of the actual wedding, when making plans for the hen party. Determine just how far in advance should the party be ahead of the wedding, and communicate the date to all of the guests.

Proper communication

woman typing on laptopStart by sending an initial communication to all the guests, via email or by sending a beautiful handmade card. This is supposed to ask for a commitment from the guests and inform them of the exact date of the party. Once you have done your research, at this point, you will be able to provide some basic details and information pertaining to the party, so as to allow the guests to make a good decision and avoid any nasty surprises or dropouts. When doing this, try to communicate only the relevant and important information, and try not to inundate and overwhelm the guests with a torrent of emails.…

Limousines have become more than just a service reserved for corporate types and celebrities. Hiring north fork limo service for a fun night out is an experience that you should try at least once with a group of friends. They are also quite convenient for transporting large parties to an event.

To make the ride memorable, try hiring a party limo. These come with all sorts of entertainment and services you might just skip the event and just have your own party on wheels. Limos can be customized to hold 10 to 50 people with enough room to move around.

What entertainment features can you expect to find in a limo?

Different limo companies offer different entertainment features. These days, the entertainment that comes with a limo service appeal to different needs and tastes, anything is possible. The comfortable and luxurious interiors are standard features, what you can expect is a bar stocked with your favorite drinks (that you can pre-order).



Some limos are fitted to resemble a mini club with a bar counter, and neon lights, a DVD player or iPod hook up, climate control and even a dance floor. Some limos have an HDTV, and you can even play video games with your friends along the ride.

Travel in style

If you want a subdued setting that is classier, then you can get a limo that does not have any of the flashy features. For instance, if you are taking a group of executives or your employees on a retreat, then you might want to consider a limo that comes with a relaxed atmosphere. Consider massage chairs, flowing bubbly or expensive cognac and cigars.

The cost of hiring a custom-made limo

The cost of entertainment that with a limo service depends on the features that are custom fitted to the vehicle. Custom fitting a limo is not cheap, even for the service provider, which is why you should look for a company that has a solid reputation. If money is no problem, then the choices that are available to you are great. If you are just looking for a night of fun, a different kind of way to travel, to entertain then you can get a group of your friend to pull in some money together and treat yourself to a real night on the town like rock stars do it.

white car

Limo services will always fill out the luxury travel niche. If there ever was one thing everyone should have in his or her bucket list is to ride in a limo. The great thing is that you don’t have to be a multimillionaire or an actual rock star to get on one and enjoy the luxury and to have fun in a limo.…

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